Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Stocking - My Time To Create!

Ok, this week Lauren decided to throw a curve ball at me by making me create our own patterned paper with our templates. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do? Oh, yeah, let's pull out the template I printed, cut out, and started to work with, and just never finished. I'll just finish it within Lauren's guidelines, right?

Well, the template I had printed out was the stocking stuffer one when her templates had first come out, so that tells you how long this has been sitting unfinished. So that part's been done....check!

Ok, make own patterned paper. Since I printed the template on plain white cardstock, I wanted to stamp on that too, even wwaaaayyyy back then when I first started this project, so I had pulled out Garden of Life and Butterfly Kisses. Who says stockings need to be just for Christmas, right? I had done the stamping a while ago in baja breeze, riding hood red, kiwi kiss and pacific pointe just to see how a "floral" stocking would look. Now all of those colors are retiring for Stampin Up! So my patterned paper was already done for the challenged. Check!

All that seemed to be left was assembly and decorating. Wait!!! Assembly....done! Dust that project off instead!!! Decorating to the rescue!

I found primas and pearl stickers to decorate the front with and then decided to do the same with the backside so it would look uniform. Now what else to have in a garden? A butterfly flying about! Since there are smaller butterflies on the backside, I stamped a larger one in baja breeze and pacific pointe, cut it out and made it look like it was landing on the stocking by pinching the wings up.

Now the back of the stocking.

My original intent with starting the stocking a while ago was to prove to myself I could do these 3-D packages, and/or stamping. Now that I've done a few, if I can do them, anyone can. Hmmm, think I can teach my husband to do one while he's laid up with a broken ankle?


  1. very pretty! sorry about your husband!

  2. So cute! You've inspired me to give this template a try!

  3. I love how you made it look springy!!! Very cute!!!

  4. Oh I LOVE the colors! A real WOW! Bonnie :D