Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Migraines, Car Rides And General Ramblings

Hello everyone.  Sorry for the breaks in posting, I'm still dealing with these pesky migraines.  My doctor's are trying just about everything to help me out with the chronic pain and to try keeping me at work as much as possible.  They even got an authorization for botox injections (now FDA approved to treat migraines) a week ago, which so far have not helped.  In fact, the migraines seem to have gotten worse and are now moving into my upper shoulders where some of the shots go.  Where do we go from here??  I have no idea but it's getting depressing.

Speaking of depressing, my old man (no not my husband) is just about on his last legs, literally.  Tigger, my 17 year old cat, is having so many problems with arthritis, keeping food down, etc that I'm afraid it's almost his "time to go".  Tig's been trying to get out of the house as well as lot and hiding from people a bit more lately too.  Definitely not a good sign on a cat that's never been outside in his life. 

Our dog, Bella, on the other hand loves to get out and go for car rides.  Her favorite store?  PetsMart of course.  She loves just sniffing the entire floor and walking around like she's "something".  If she sees mommy putting on shoes, then she thinks it's time for another car ride and Bella will do anything she can to get out the door - with or without a leash.  In fact, today she made it out twice following my daughter outside before she was picked up and brought back indoors.  When we got back from our errands today, Bella made sure her displeasure at being left home was noticed....she left some "presents" in front of my son's bedroom door.  Crazy dog!! Even while being scolded, Bella kept giving my husband and I the "well you left me home" look. 

Thanks for stopping by today and listening.  Have a great day!

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