Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Calendars MFT Style - 4th Quarter

Day Four - October, November, December - The final quarter of the year. Here I had to pair a couple of other companies with my MFT stamps for October and December. I'll explain later.

October - During my son's work and witness trip to Haiti, the team ran a medical clinic for two days since one of the team members was an ER physician. My son helped out in the clinic for a day. He said for a couple of patients they had to hang IV bags from tree limbs since there were no IV poles there to be used. I pulled out my MFT Gardner Flopsey and inked only Flopsey and his wheelbarrow, leaving out the carrots that are usually there. I then pulled out a stamps from Katiebug that has band aids, IV bag, shots, medicine bottles on it to add to the wheelbarrow since MFT doesn't have these stamps available.

November - This page I had originally done as part of the MFT temp Design Team December release. For more information on this page, refer to this blog post: Love and Sweepstakes.

December - Christmas and snow what a perfect combination. Pictures of a Christmas parade and a picture of the cross from the church in Haiti that was built by the work and witness team. Here I used a Pure Innocence Presents For You stamp paired with a Touche stamp that is one of my favorites: Santa kneeling at the manger. By adding this stamp, I was able to bring both the "commercial" part of the holiday and the true meaning of Christmas together.

After all Wise Men Still Seek Him.

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