Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christmas Present Wrap-Ups

Happy Saturday! Have you ever had a hard time hiding something from your daughter/son under the Christmas tree? Well I have. However, last year my daughter had NO idea what was under the tree for her since I used two My Timeless Templates to "wrap" two of her presents.

For the present on the left, I used the My Timeless Template Music Makeover to hide a Jonas Brothers CD my daughter really, really, really wanted. I set the template to print full page on the printer since I wanted the CD inside the template instead of the other way around. Once I had my template printed and assembled, I used my Flower Garden set to decorate the outside, a Velcro fastener to seal it, and a velvet red ribbon knotted so I would know if my daughter even tried to open the CD package. I even left off the TO/FROM info off of the outside so she would think it was for a Splitcoast Secret Sister or someone else.

It totally worked too! She had no idea what was inside until I handed her the CD package and cut the ribbon for her, showed her how to open the package, so it could be used again. There was NO way I was going to let her tear open that template package. :) You could have heard her screaming all the way to San Francisco 200miles away when she saw the Jonas Brothers CD inside; especially since I made her buy "the last one in Target" for her cousin in Arizona. I'm a mean mommy sometimes. lol

Now she also got some things to keep in her backpack for school and her purse as well. For example: nail file, lip gloss, etc and those I put in the My Timeless Template Pursonality Clutch. Once again, mom pulled one over on my daughter. The rose is hiding another Velcro closure and once the clutch is opened, the inside was full of all the little things normally inside her Christmas stocking.


  1. OH! Bonnie these came out lovely! You know how much I love 3D flowers too!! So super cute girl!