Thursday, November 4, 2010


Non stamping related post for you today, but I just had to post these pics about our chihuahua dog, Bella.  Now that it's getting a bit cold in the mornings when she wants to go out, and with the rain starting to arrive, my husband and I thought she needed a couple of coats to keep her warm and dry.  I mean this dog shivers like crazy if the temp inside the house gets below 69 degrees, so those really cold mornings starting late November and into the spring are really going to suck.

However, we discovered something.  Bella hates wearing coats, especially her rain coat.  Last week it was pouring outside late at night and she kept trying to back up and out of the raincoat for about five (5) minutes before sitting her bottom on the wet grass (which she hates) until my husband took it off her laughing like crazy. 

The same holds true for her little pink jacket.  She hates wearing it even though she's shivering outside or even inside.  However, she's so cute in them!!  I'm sure someday she'll get used to them, especially if she wants to stay warm and dry.

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