Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What A Ham!!

Happy Wednesday!!!  I just had to post these pics of one of my cats Squeaky.  She is one of our rescue cats, adopted from the local shelter about 4years ago and will not get any bigger than a 9month old kitten because of being malnourished while she was a kitten before the shelter got ahold of her and nursed her back to health for adoption.

She was laying at the front door on Monday just enjoying the sun, and yes, she knew "Mommy" was taking pictures.  She is such a "ham" for the camera.

Look at this silly girl, just rolling all over the place.  She's just too cute for her own good, but our family loves her and all of her siblings.


  1. Awww... sweet little thing! I love hearing happy ending stories about rescued animals. God Bless you for turning this precious kitty's life around!

  2. She is SO CUTE!! I love and really miss not having cats around. I ended up with a son that has asthma and animal dander would get him everytime.. so no more cats. Squeaky is darling. What a wonderful thing to have adopted her. :)