Friday, February 12, 2010

Whadda ya mean no football?

Sunday is coming up and what is going to be missing? Football! It's hard to believe no more football for another 6months. What are we to do?

Well for my cats, they are going to have to find another nap time. Every Sunday afternoon, they knew would either climb into someones lap, curl up next to mommy or daddy or find a spot on the "big bed" for a few hours of uninterrupted nap time. Now the sisters here love sitting, playing, or just doing whatever in boxes....any boxes period!! My daughter and I were in the kitchen getting lunch not too long ago and Mittens

(in the Dr. Pepper box) and Midnight (in the Doritos box) just climbed in and started playing with each other and then getting out and cleaning each other and climbing back in. I just had to grab the camera and take a few pics in between their antics and our laughter.


  1. So sweet! Isn't it funny how quickly they'll find a box? The cats I used to have also loved paper grocery bags to go inside of. Seeing their little heads peaking out... just adorable!
    Mittens and Midnight are not going to like you taking those boxes away, lol.

  2. How precious...
    Nothing brings a smile to a face than kitties playing!

  3. I just tried to catch a photo of Gingy tonight in our ski bag as we were unpacking. Cute ones of the kitties in the boxes!!