Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Fashioned Christmas Candle

Today I have another Thomas Kincade from the archives only this time instead of a card, how about a Christmas present? This image is the Thomas Kincade Village Christmas Vignette stamped in pallet noir on vellum cardstock. Once the ink is dry, flip the cardstock over and color on the "reverse" side.

Once the coloring is done, wrap your cardstock around the outside of a candle with a hole drilled into the top of it with a drill press. (Most husbands will love helping you out with this part. I know mine did.) The outer wrap can be secured with glue dots easily and it'll hold there just fine as well.

Once the wrap is in place, just place a small votive holder, with votive candle, inside the drilled out section; and you have a beautiful gift for someone.

Now, to "spice" up your gift a bit, try adding some ice stickles to some of the snow covered areas on the roof-tops, or to highlight some of the iced over areas where you want just a little bit of sparkle.

Here's a side view of our lit candle. If you look closely on the right hand side, you can see some of the ice stickles I added next to the cars.

Once my husband drilled out the holes in my candles, my gifts took a total of 15-20 per candle to make not counting drying time for the ice stickles.

Stamps: CHF Thomas Kincade Village Christmas Vignette
Ink: Pallet Noir
Cardstock: Vellum
Accessories: Rose Art Colored Pencils, Candle, Drill Press, Ice Stickles, Glue Dots, Votive Holder, Votive


  1. what a nice present. no one would ever guess how easy it is.

  2. Oh Bonnie this is beautiful and what a wonderful idea. The TK images are perfect, too.

  3. Bonnie---this is how you added the stickles to it....give it an extra wow!