Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

"When you wish upon a star......" Remember the opening line of Disney's famous song? It's tied to pretty much anything Disney.

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday, and what a birthday it was. Besides dealing with a sick cat, and my mother in law having the outside of the house painted causing a migraine, I did get some stamp time as well as taken out to dinner. I would like to introduce you to my birthday present/thank you for taking care of me for 3months with my broken ankle present from my husband.

Yes! Those three Thomas Kincade "paintings" in the picture. They are actually gallery wrapped canvas prints of actual Thomas Kincade paintings from his Disney Dreams collection. We were watching ShopNBC one night as Thom was guest starring and un-veiling the newest painting in the collection - Cinderella! Well apparently ShopNBC got a special deal since he was there so my husband got the three that have been released in the gallery wrap (Cinderella hasn't been released this way yet) for the price of two!
Here they are closer up.

I have never owned, let alone dreamed of owning, a real Thomas Kincade painting/print. Now I have three! Thank you honey for a wonderful present.


  1. Wow- these are gorgeous! I had no idea TK did anything like this. What a match- him and Disney! So cool. Snow White is among my very favorites and this is just awesome. Well, they ALL are!
    What an amazing gift. How very sweet and thoughtful of Ken.
    I am curious- how big are they? Do you know yet where you will display them?
    Glad to hear that despite the craziness you managed to have a special birthday!

  2. These are just beautiful! What a wonderful gift! Ken is a pretty great guy! Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

  3. Beautiful!!! - go Ken!! :) Happy Birthday again!!

  4. That is perfect for you! I agree, TK is a great match for Disney themed art!!! Wonderful gift!

  5. Oh Bonnie!! What a wonderful birthday present for you. My local shopping mall had a TK Gallery for awhile. I used to go in there and just LOOK at all the beautiful paintings. Dang about the headache on your birthday, but WOOHOO!!! to your DH for 3 great gifts!