Friday, March 6, 2009

Anyone Want A Cat Nap?

I totally love my fur children. They bring so much joy and laughter into my life. Quite often my husband and I will find all five of them asleep on our bed at the same time, sitting or playing in a box, or just being silly. I snapped this picture not too long ago of all five asleep on the bed and they're just too cute when that happens. They all have their "spot" and someone had better not try to move them from it or take it, because we have a cat fight otherwise on the bed. Midnight will actually "tell you off" by meowing or squawking at you.

Introducing clockwise: Squeaky, Tiny, Tigger, Midnight, Mittens (behind the PJ's my husband threw on the bed). Midnight always has to sleep in a very undignified pose, usually on her back and twisted around. Tiny and Squeaky have to sleep near each other with Mittens on Daddy's side of the bed. Tigger just wants the girls to leave him alone.

Ever have a child enjoy the box more than the toys? Well Mittens loves to play in boxes and sometimes just sit in them for hours. We think it's because she, Midnight and their brother were abandonded at the vet's office in a sealed box and she feels more "at home" in one.

Midnight loves to also lay on the ground in unladylike positions. What a big mouth! Isn't she cute though?

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